Top 10 cutest women cricketers around the world

It was always Men who are having more popularity when it comes to cricket, but in recent years women’s cricket getting more attention time by time. Even some cricket fans watching women’s cricket just because they were having a crush on the women cricketers, here we have shortlisted the top 10 cutest women cricketers right now, let us know in the comment section your favorite women cricketer in this list.

10. Danielle Wyatt – England

English Cricketer Danielle Wyatt is the most famous name among the long list of International Women Cricketers and is known for her social media activities. The Sports Star loves sharing her gorgeous pictures on Instagram and is a huge fan of Men’s Cricket Team especially when she created a stir on social media after she proposed to Indian Captain Virat Kohli.

9. Jahanara Alam – Bangladesh

Jahanara Alam, quite possibly the most lovely cricketer from the Bangladesh National Women’s Cricketers crew. She is broadly popular for her appealing and hot character. Presently, she is the Captain of the Bangladesh Women’s Cricketer crew.

8. Amelia Kerr – New Zealand

Kerr’s rise up the ranks to becoming an established allrounder in the New Zealand set-up comes as no surprise. Amelia is a very skillful and composed young cricketer. Tactically she is smart and has a variety of skills to back it up.

7. Kate Cross – England

Kathryn Cross endeavored to make it into the English public group. Kate was the main female cricketer to be acknowledged in the Lancashire Academy, which is nothing to joke about in itself. It has been confirmed that the charming Kate was one of the first few female cricketers given a full-time professional contract for her country.

6. Harleen Deol – India

Indian cricketer Harleen Deol is no less than an actress in terms of beauty. Harleen Deol of Chandigarh went home to Himachal to play cricket at the age of only 13. She keeps sharing her beautiful photos on social media.

5. Kainet Imtiaz – Pakistan

Kainat Imtiaz is Right-arm medium-quick bowler from the Pakistan ladies’ cricket crew. Presently, she plays for the ZTBL ladies cricket crew. She looks more like an ideal model than a global cricketer. Her alluring character makes her among the most wonderful female cricketers on the planet.

4. Cecelia Joyce – Ireland

Cecelia Joyce has played 57 ODIs and 43 T20Is, a former cricketer in Ireland. She hailed from a cricketing group and was popular among fans for her beauty. One of the most beautiful women cricketers ever.

3. Sana Mir – Pakistan

Sana Mir successfully holds 3rd place in this list of most beautiful women cricketers in the world 2021. She is a bold cricketer and the earlier captain of the Pakistan national women’s cricket team in ODIs as well as T20Is, she announced her retirement from international cricket.

2. Smriti Mandhana – India

Young sensational Indian woman cricketer Smriti Mandhana is nowadays in limelight due to her amazing performance and captivating beauty. She is not just an outstanding cricketer but also one of the beauty queens among women cricketers in the world.

1. Ellyse Perry – Australia

Ellyse Perry is at the first position in this list of top 10 most beautiful women cricketers in the world 2021. Besides being a right-arm fast bowler Perry is also the most beautiful woman among all cricketers around the world. She is very talented and beautiful that can attract anyone with her incredible beauty and awesome looks.