T20 World Cup 2021: Sunil Gavaskar lists two main reasons behind Team India’s ouster in Super 12 stage

Team India | Getty

Batting great, Sunil Gavaskar listed two reasons behind Team India’s poor performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2021. Afghanistan’s loss against New Zealand yesterday (8th November) meant that Team India was officially knocked out of the tournament.

Team India didn’t perform as per the expectations and was pounded by Pakistan and New Zealand in their first two matches of the tournament.

They did stage a dominant comeback by thumping Afghanistan and Scotland, but two big losses against Pakistan and New Zealand dented their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals.

To qualify they were dependant on Afghanistan to beat New Zealand but that wasn’t the case as the Black Caps thumped the Mohammad Nabi-led side to become the second team from the Group 2 to qualify for the semi-finals.

Following India’s early exit from the T20 World Cup 2021, Sunil Gavaskar said that batters failing to rise to the expectations was the main reason the Virat Kohli-led side is in such a state right now.

He stressed that India has failed to take advantage of the power play overs in the last few ICC tournaments, which is the main reason they can’t score against a strong team that has good bowlers, and remarked that the ‘Men in Blue’ need to change their approach if they are to put up better performances in the time to come.

“Making too many changes in a team isn’t right, because it’s not like India lost all its matches. In two matches, the batters could not deliver what was expected of them and that is the reason that India is in such a state right now. The approach needs to change. 

“The fact that in the first 6 overs, there are only 2 fielders outside the 30-yard-circle, India haven’t taken advantage of it for the last few ICC tournaments. Which is why, whenever India are up against a strong team, one that has good bowlers… India cannot score. So that needs to change,” Sunil Gavaskar told Sports Tak. 

Sunil Gavaskar suggested that India needs to have players who are phenomenal in fielding and can make difference in the field. He pointed out that except 3-4 players on the Indian side there aren’t fielders who will save runs or dive at the boundary.

“The second and most importantly, they should have players who are phenomenal in fielding. The way New Zealand fielded, saved runs, took catches… it stood out. Even if the attack is ordinary, the pitch is placid, good fielding can make a lot of difference. If you look at the Indian team, except 3-4 outstanding fielders, you can’t depend on the rest to save runs or dive at the boundary,” he said.

Team India will next face Namibia in what will be their last T20 World Cup 2021 clash today at Dubai.