T20 World Cup 2021: Chacha Bashir eager to watch MS Dhoni in the Indian dressing room again

Chacha Bashir, MS Dhoni and Sudhir | Twitter

Karachi-born Mohammad Bashir Bozai aka ‘Chacha Chicago’ had decided to stop traveling around the world to watch India-Pakistan matches at ICC events after MS Dhoni retired from international cricket. But with the return of Dhoni into the Indian cricket team as a mentor, Bashir has also made a comeback.

Bashir is not only a huge Dhoni fan and watches India-Pakistan cricket matches, he also promotes friendship and peace between the neighboring countries amid political tension.

The Pakistan fan had earlier revealed Dhoni helps him get tickets for the India-Pakistan matches which always have high demand, but this time he hasn’t got one yet. However, Bashir, in a chat with Indian Express, said he believes Dhoni will ensure a ticket for him this time again.

“I am hopeful he will have the tickets ready for me. I did send him a message when I landed in Dubai. Due to Covid-19 restriction rules, meeting him will be a problem but I will be in the stands on Sunday,” the 64-year-old said.

Dhoni had first arranged a ticket for Chacha Chicago to watch the high octane India-Pakistan semi-final match of the 2011 World Cup in Mohali.

Bashir has undergone three heart surgeries and has health complications, but he can’t hold himself when Dhoni is on the field or India and Pakistan are playing.

“This might probably be the last time I can visit a tournament and watch Dhoni in the Indian dressing room so I couldn’t let this opportunity go by,” he said.

Bashir has become a familiar face among the cricket fans and he revealed people are recognizing him in the hotel. “Yesterday when I went to have breakfast, a group of Pakistan fans met me and greeted me. When they asked whom I would support, my answer was the Pakistan team and Mr Dhoni. They laughed and called me a ‘gaddar’ (traitor). But I am used to it. I love both countries and humanity comes first anyway,” he said.