Nauman Niaz issues apology to Shoaib Akhtar; reveals backstory which led to the spat

Nauman Niaz | Twitter

TV anchor Nauman Niaz has apologized to former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar for the on-air spat between them during a cricket show on PTV. The controversy started after Niaz told Akhtar to leave the show over a disagreement in a discussion.

Niaz, in an interview on a Youtube channel, accepted his mistake and bad behavior with the former cricketer. “I apologize and I will apologize a million times for my behavior which should not have happened because Shoaib Akhtar is a star,” he said.

“I had no right. To err is human and for that, I apologize. Not only once, but a million times. Shoaib has been a rock star. Whatever happened on camera was unbecoming,” he further said.

The TV host revealed that his father told him to take responsibility for his mistake, and he also explained the circumstances which led to the controversy. “Shoaib was contracted with us on a yearly basis and we pay him a very handsome salary on the basis of exclusivity. Before the World Cup Shoaib came to me and had sought a pay raise which was eventually settled in a meeting with the channel’s managing director.”

“Later on Oct 17, Shoaib was supposed to take part in the transmission, but he left for Dubai and participated in a show there with Harbhajan Singh. He then committed to coming back for the PTV transmission a couple of days later but didn’t turn up.”

Niaz clarified that clause-5 of Akhtar’s contract didn’t allow him to take part in any other talk show. “However, he participated in other shows during this period”. He also felt Akhtar took the channel for granted. “PTV was being taken for granted, which was bad,” he added.

“These things were building up in my mind. Let me honestly say that a minor abrasion erupted in my cognitive mind that led to the incident which we all saw and it should not have happened.”

Further in his explanation, Niaz also said that Akhtar was not happy with the seating arrangement on the day and “then he did something which was irking but I will not divulge it”. 

Akhtar has accepted the apology on Geo TV and for him, the matter was closed. “I don’t want to carry on with bitterness in my heart for anyone. That is not my way of living. Once for all whatever happened is over and I have accepted the apology.”