IPL 2021: RR is brilliant at talking but not good at playing the game – Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan said Rajasthan Royals always makes him laugh | BCCI/IPL

Former England captain and cricket pundit Michael Vaughan took a dig at the Rajasthan Royals (RR), saying the franchise is brilliant at talking but not very good at playing the game and showing results in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

In the ongoing IPL 2021, Sanju Samson-led Rajasthan Royals (RR) is currently the second last team in the IPL 14 points table with 5 wins from 13 games and their campaign will end with Thursday’s game against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in Sharjah.

Targeting the book “A New Innings” written by RR owner Manoj Badle and English journalist Simon Hughes, Vaughan said RR always makes him laugh.

He also pointed out that Badle and Hughes are talking about operating an IPL franchise and the ‘Moneyball’ philosophy in the book, but they should have applied it themselves in order to be competitive in the IPL.

Vaughan told Cricbuzz“Rajasthan always makes me laugh. They are the one team that’s talks about ‘Moneyball’ more than anyone. They have written a book! I mean I know a lot about them because they have written a book with Simon Hughes… you know, how the IPL works and running a franchise, it’s a great read but you kind of look at the book and thinks ‘This is a great read but you haven’t won since the first year but how are you telling everyone how to do it?’”

The Englishman concluded, “If it’s so easy and so obvious how to run it and produce ‘Moneyball’, pick players and use data and stats, surely you should be more competitive! Surely you should win more games of cricket (chuckles). They’re brilliant at talking but not very good at playing the game.”