“India have adopted strategies of Pakistan, Ravi Shastri was always impressed with us,” says Ramiz Raja

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) newly appointed chairman Ramiz Raja thinks Indian cricket has adopted Pakistan’s strategies from the past to succeed. He said India’s current head coach Ravi Shastri was an admirer of their team and he used the tactics.

Speaking to ARY Sports, Raja said the Pakistan cricket team which he was part of was very hard-working and never gave up in any situation. “Of late, India have adopted all good strategies of Pakistan team. 

“And this was bound to happen as India’s head coach Ravi Shastri was always impressed with Pakistan. Ours was a very hard-working and dedicated lot, we used to take players who were less talented to 100%, and we refused to give up,” he said.

Ramiz further talked about India’s current side and praised them for working on their skills. He also added that Pakistan will have to work on a lot of things to match India’s standards in international cricket.

“They have changed their model on similar lines, worked a lot on the skill, the level of their first-class cricket has significantly improved, which has connected all the dots for them. We have to work on a lot of things in the next 3-4 years to reach there,” he added.

India and Pakistan will take on each other in their first match of the upcoming T20 World Cup. They will clash on October 24 in UAE, where currently the second phase of Indian Premier League 2021 is going on.